Recess Getaways official dates for Recess Getaways are June 24 – June 28, 2021.

June 24 – June 28, 2021
Secrets Vallarta Bay
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Your first stop should be to our Customer Service section listed in the menu of this website.  You may also send an email to the the appropriate address as it relates to your question.

For just about any question or situation you may need help with

For issues with your package, to change your package, roommate changes and trip details email service@recessgetaways.com

To update your payment information, check your balance or verify payments email payments@recessgetways.com

If you are having problems with the system please email support@recessgetaways.com

To suggest a Recess Meet & Greet email info@recessgetaways.com

Yes! You will need a Passport for Recess Getaways. Some people think this is a hard and arduous process but in reality it’s a very simple and easy process. Please watch this video and then head down to your local post office to get your Passport!! Click here – https://vimeo.com/143077176

Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, however, it does count towards your total package price if you attend the trip. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN IF YOU CANCEL ON MARCH 1, 2020 or AFTER. You are eligible for a refund minus the stated non-refundable deposit if you cancel on or before FEBRUARY 29, 2020   The deposit is Non-Refundable. (All trips are Non-Transferable meaning if you can’t go you can’t transfer nor sell your trip to your friend or relative or anyone).

COVID-19 Amendment
All customers that were registered for Recess Getaways prior to March 1, 2020 should have been paid in full by April 1, 2020.  However due to the COVID-19 shutdown automatic payments were temporarily stopped.  All previously registered customers should have received an email with this information and when payments will resume.

New Customers (Post COVID-19 Shutdown)
While this trip is no longer on sale there has been a waiting list established for customers that would like to attend the upcoming Recess Getaways in June 2021.  Please visit our customer service page and select the Waiting list option in the drop down and a link to get on the waiting list will be sent to you. A refund policy for new customers will be presented at the time of registration.

Professionals from all over the world.

It means everyone is VIP ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! You can eat and drink for FREE all the time that you are on the resort! It has multiple bars and restaurants to choose from. Room service is available 24 hours and it totally FREE!!

YES! We strongly advise this as well. For one you are holding your room which no one can take from you. Secondly, you are locking in “your” rate because prices will go up soon on the next block of rooms.  All roommates should sign up within 30 days of the initial room to secure the room occupancy and rate.

First, sign up for the getaway by paying your deposit.  You will be notified of our payment schedule which will consist of a minimum payment per cycle.

We always have people who don’t mind rooming with another person and we can assist through our “ROOMMATES PROGRAM” which has been highly successful. Check out our “Roommates Program” page on the site and sign up!

Visit www.recesshelp.com.

This is a “Group Travel” Getaway  therefore no “PARTY PASSES” are available for this trip until we give further notice.

Please note: Our events are private and each person will have a wristband and a name tag  in order to attend our events. We encourage you to purchase the trip package to guarantee admission into all Recess Getaways events.

In the event we do offer “Party Passes,” this will be on a first come first serve basis with limited sales as our first priority continues to be our Recess Getaway patrons.

Someone should go ahead and sign up to reserve the room and add the roommate’s name(s) to the registration so we will know they are registering later. Once it’s reserved you can always add people to your room, however, you will be ultimately charge for the number of people that end up in the room. (Be it single, double, triple or quad).

Roommates can be added by emailing service@recessgetaways.com.

Yes please log into your account to make additional payments or pay off your package in full.

No, but just be sure to add your roommates name(s) in the “roommates section” on the sign up form so we know they are attending and will be signing up later.

Roommates can be added by emailing service@recessgetaways.com.

Yes you can pay for any of your roommates, however, you have to fill out a separate registration for that particular person in order to do so. It’s best to put the roommate’s exact information in when you sign them up.  Please verify the spelling of your roommates, name and provide email and contact information where available. You can use your same credit card if you would like.

Roommates can be added by emaling service@recessgetaways.com.

Yes and you can add it directly to your package during your registration process.

Please visit the home page or the booking page for current trip rates.

To request extra room nights please visit our Customer Service page.

Yes it includes all the parties (See next question for a list of everything the Recess Getaway Trip includes).

You get …..

  • Unlimited Drinks
  • Unlimited Food
  • 24 Hour Room Service
  • $400 USD in resort coupons per person
  • Daily maid service
  • Fitness center access
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi on all property areas
  • Pool and Beach wait service
  • Access to all resort hosted events
  • Access to all Recess Getaways events (Patrons will be notified of events and activities that are not included)

Paypal Credit allows approved attendees to pay their trip off in-full with No Payments + No Interest for 6 months! Just select it as your payment method when prompted.
(Perfect for those wanting to easily ensure their space now, and then payoff during tax time)

When you register and checkout using PayPal you will see an option (typically at the bottom of the page) that allows you to pay for your package using PayPal Credit.  Click the button or text and apply for the PayPal Credit option.

(Please adhere to the PayPal Credit terms and conditions once approved)

Installment Fee Schedule: Your installment schedule will be based on when you sign-up and the number of remaining months before the full balance is due.
Yes. Please look at our Terms and Agreements for late fees and any additional rates.

Yes you can pay your trip off at any time you like. Simply log into your account and you should see the option to make changes or pay your package off in full.

No problem. Once the room is reserved you can always add up to three (2) people to your room. It will be considered a single room until that occurs.

Yes. As we get information on discounts from airlines we will share this with our registered guests.

A payment schedule will be presented once you register for the trip.

No all credit/debit card information is securely discarded after the trip is over.

Yes you can pay in full at any time by logging into your account.
You will need to bring the following items:
  • A Positive and Party Attitude!
  • Sexy Summer Outfits
  • Outfit for Theme Parties
  • Business Cards for Networking
  • Sexy Swimsuit
  • Super Cool Sun Glasses
  • Your FUN Friends!
  • Extra cash for any off resort activities or shopping
  • Your Passport

NO. This is an adult outing with all adult activities. Leave the kids with relatives and get out of town fast!

Yes please bring money for excursions, shopping, and souvenirs etc.  Everything else such as official Recess Getaways on-site events, food, beverages and drinks will be included with your package.

No, not everything. The excursions (i.e. dune buggys, sailing, and sightseeing) will all happen off property.  There could also be a limited number of planned events held off the resort. Off site events and activities will be specified.

“What Happens on Recess Getaways … Didn’t Happen!”

No, all inclusive resorts do not allow outside guests to enter the property.


When checking into the hotel, all guests will have to provide front desk agent with your passport and Customs Declaration Form from the Dominican Republic. Please do not misplace this form. When registering for your room on the event page, please provide your legal name as listed on your passport as well as roommate’s legal name. The name registered on the event page will be the name provided to the hotel so it is pertinent that they match.  After checking into the hotel, please keep Customs Declaration Form as you will need it again upon leaving the country.
If for any reason you have provided us with a nickname or were not sure of your roommate’s real name, it is now time to make changes by emailing service@recessgetaways.com
Tours & transportation information will be available on the website soon.
  • All customers, please provide your legal government name as listed on your passport.
  • Name of Airline for Arrival and Departure Flight
  • Flight Number for Arrival and Departure Flight
  • Phone Number in case of delay.
We recommend installing the ‘Whatsapp’ app to save money when making phone calls while in the Dominican Republic.

For all PAID IN FULL customers that have a conflict with the new Recess Getaways date (June 24 – 28, 2021) you can request a voucher which will allow you to take your trip at another time up to one year.  Please note that you must be PAID IN FULL in order to be considered for the voucher.  If you are making payments and you can only be considered for the voucher if you pay your account in full. Please note that this voucher opportunity only applies to customers that were PAID IN FULL or MAKING PAYING prior to March 1, 2020. You must request the voucher before July 1, 2020 and the voucher must be used at the same resort.